It's a Wonderful Job CD Artwork

A couple of years back I wrote a book intended for people who needed a new job, singling out one particularly tough case to build a story around.
I wrote it as fiction, even put an angel in the story, and called the book 'It's A Wonderful Job.'
To my amazement, my agent and publisher had no interest, despite having had success with my previous books.
The response came down to, It's a terrific book and would probably help a lot of people, but the biggest market is unemployed people,
and they don't have money and don't buy books. It seemed the industry agreed on this point. So what to do?
I decided that I would do an audio version, and an e-Book version, and make this deal with anyone who wanted them – take them,
for free (no sign up or registration or anything), use them and pass them on, and if the book works and helps you get a terrific new job,
then come back, tell me about it, and also buy one of my other books. Deal?
-Dale Dauten

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