Dale Dauten

Dale Dauten

President, Lumina Corporation and founder of The Innovators’ Lab™.

Author of “The Laughing Warrior”, “The Gifted Boss”, & “The Max Strategy.”  Newspaper columnist syndicated by King Features.

Dale Dauten is Founder of The Innovators’ Lab™, an organization devoted to developing and testing new ideas in management and marketing, whose member organizations include Caterpillar, Avnet, General Dynamics and NASA.  

Dale authors two newspaper columns, both nationally syndicated by King Features:  “The Corporate Curmudgeon” and "Kate and Dale Talk Jobs".  They appear in over a hundred newspapers around the country.  In addition, Dale has authored five books. The three most recent are:

  • The Max Strategy, about which Harvey Mackay said, “It will challenge every preconceived notion you have about making your career take off”; and 
  • The Gifted Boss, which prompted Ken Elkins, former CEO of Pulitzer Broadcasting, to say “Dauten makes you rediscover the joy missing in your career.“
  • The Laughing Warrior, which was birthed out of the breakthrough ideas formulated at the Innovators’ Lab in which participants are encouraged to think like a hero and work like an artist.

Max Strategy and Gifted Boss have been published around the world, with special interest given to them in Asia.  (The Max Strategy became a bestseller in Japan in 2003.)

Dale’s background as a manager with two major corporations, an executive with two consulting companies, and head of his own nationally-known marketing research firm, had allowed him the opportunity to work with leading organizations, including McDonalds, Procter & Gamble and 3M.  More recently he has done innovation work with Georgia-Pacific, United Auto Group, Kraft Foods, Caterpillar and NASA. 

In addition to his consulting work Dale’s writing has given him the opportunity to interview top business leaders, innovative management thinkers, as well as coaches and political figures. 

This unique combination prompted author Steve Chandler to write, “Dauten’s work clearly soars ahead of his time.  He is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of business consultants.”

Dale lives in Tempe, Arizona with his wife and three children.


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