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Experiments Never Fail

"Innovative, ingenious and creative."

~Steve Chandler, Author of Crazy Good: A Book of CHOICES

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Experiments Never Fail

A Guide for the Bored, Unappreciated, and Underpaid

"Are you happy in your job?"

An unexpected snowstorm leads to an unexpected question and a life-changing conversation with Max Elmore. Although he's one of the many stranded travelers at O'Hare International Airport, he doesn't grumble or complain. In fact, Max's positive outlook shines through as he listens and shares his secrets to making work more meaningful, more adventurous and more profitable.

Experiments Never Fail is a freshly updated and expanded edition of the beloved and bestselling book (previously titled The Max Strategy) that has been praised by authors, CEOs, a Nobel Prize winner, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Mandatory Greatness

"He got me to do more than I thought possible."

"She simply would NOT let us fail – we worked miracles for her."

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Mandatory Greatness

The 12 Laws of Driving Exceptional Performance

How is it that some leaders can demand the most of you in such a way that you love them for it? When Dale Dauten and JT O’Donnell studied such leaders they came up with this surprising concept: MANDATORY GREATNESS. Said another way, creating a team that exceeds expectations is no accident.

Dauten and O’Donnell have turned their interviews with hundreds of exceptional leaders into a fast and entertaining read. Their new book unfolds as a conversation between a young everyman manager and a wise veteran consultant, a woman who’s been described as having “skirts of steel.” He wins a coaching day with her in a charity raffle – much to his disappointment. Reluctantly, he agrees to let her observe him as he works, and eventually she drags him to the revelation that, despite high ambitions, he is a typical manager with average prospects. He is, as she sums it up, “inadvertently mediocre.” Then, as she analyzes his work and philosophy, he learns new principles and techniques summed up in “The 12 Laws.”

Here is a book that will change forever how you view teamwork, management and the art of producing results.

Gifted Boss

There are hundreds of books on finding jobs, and dozens on hiring employees -- all guides to operating in the job market. But the best bosses and employees rarely use the traditional job market. No surprise there, at least not to sophisticated recruiters or job hunters.

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The Gifted Boss – Revised Edition

After more than a decade, including ten foreign editions and 16 printing, William Morrow/HarperCollins is bringing out a Revised Edition. The conversation that is the heart of the book remains the same, but Dale has added a "quick start" guide to help readers implement the book's ideas, as well as a Discussion Guide to make it easy to build a program for managers around the book.

What they're saying about Dale Dauten

"Dauten's work clearly soars ahead of his time. He is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of business consultants."

-- Steve Chandler, author of The Story of You

"While Dale's writing will keep you up late reading, his book is like a great night's sleep – leaving you refreshed, renewed, and eager to try something new."

-- Bill McLaughlin, president and CEO, Select Comfort
(creator of "The Sleep Number Bed")

Great Employees Only

With lively language and entertaining stories, (Great) Employees Only reveals how gifted bosses hire, de-hire and inspire, and shows you how to emulate their tactics and success.

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"Let's say we have two managers who, on the same day, take over identical teams. Both are bright and eager to excel. One has read all the management books on motivation; the other has just this book."

"In six months, the first manager will have increased productivity by 10 percent, maybe 20 percent. The second boss, using the great employees only system, will have increased productivity by over 100 percent, while putting in one-third fewer hours at the office."

"Along the way, the great employees only leader will have encountered less resistance, made more friends, learned more, and had far more fun."

How Gifted Bosses Hire and De-Hire Their Way to Success

You'll get an insider's look at forty-eight insights developed from Dale Dauten's decade of research into America's most effective leaders, including what it takes to:

  • Master "contrarian hiring"
  • Tap into the "underground talent market"
  • Transform employees into lifelong allies
  • Replace firing with the graceful art of de-hiring
  • Establish a culture that hires and de-hires for you
  • Create the Set-Up-To-Be-A-Hero Syndrome
  • Enjoy the benefits of Effortless Leadership.

The Max Strategy

The Max Strategy

Don't know what you want to do when you grow up? The Max Strategy is for you!

It argues that you don't need to be obsessive about planning and goal-setting, that success is usually an accident and that finding it requires a willingness to experiment.

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Better Than Perfect

Better Than Perfect

In Better Than Perfect , you will meet:

  • The welder who became a manufacturer's informal champion of excellence
  • The scientist who turned into a master salesman in order to change the history of medicine
  • The old lady who charmed and inspired the world's leading architect
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Laughing Warriors

The Laughing Warriors:

How to Enjoy Killing the Status Quo, Dale Dauten's summary guide to a career of "creative usefulness."

He writes, "The warriors of the modern organization aren't just fighting deadlines or bureaucracy or even the competition, they are searching out better ways to serve, faced off against the current standard of quality.

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it's a wonderful Job

It's A Wonderful Job

Finding Work, Finding Inspiration (a story about coming back from being laid-off) Available in both e-Book and Audiobook formats, free!

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